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Your trusted and reliable partner in navigating the complexities of the healthcare system. A place where the needs and interest of the client come first.

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We work with clients and their designated family members and loved ones to develop a "Person Centered Plan of Care". We place the client at the center of the decision making process so the client may successfully achieve their healthcare goals.
Why Choose ABC For Your Health

We have heard your story about being diagnosed with a serious medical illness and not knowing your options of where to turn next. We have heard your story about your healthcare providers not communicating with each other. We have heard your story about being rushed through your doctor's visit leaving the appointment with unanswered questions. We have heard your story about not knowing your rights as a patient. So your story has become our story.

ABC FOR YOUR HEALTH was born to help you get to the heart of the matter of navigating the American healthcare system, so that you, the consumer, can journey your healthcare experience with ease, understanding, and satisfaction. We work with you and your loved ones to ensure your questions, concerns, and preferences are heard.


Based out of Scituate, Massachusetts, providing services from the Greater Boston area to the South Shore communities of Massachusetts, including Hingham, Cohassett, Scituate, Marshfield, Duxbury, Plymouth, and surrounding towns.

What is an independent patient advocate?
An independent patient advocate is a trained professional who serves as a go between for patients and families and their healthcare providers and the institutions who care for them, including insurance companies and pharmacies. The overall goal of the advocate is to provide patients and family members with support and education so they can make informed and educated decisions about their health and well-being.
Why does a patient need a private independent patient advocate when they have doctors and nurses?
Although doctors and nurses provide professional, and most times exceptional care to the patients they serve, their true allegiance is toward the healthcare organization that employs them. A private, independent patient advocate's allegiance is solely to the patient and their families they serve. Every effort is made to address patients' needs so they may reach their healthcare goals.
What are your credentials for practicing as a private independent patient advocate?
Besides having over 25 years experience working in the healthcare industry, I hold a post bachelorette Certificate in Patient Advocacy, as well as a Certificate in Case Management. My most recent accomplishment was earning the credentials of Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA) from the Patient Advocate Certification Board, an international certification credential for patient advocates.
Do you subscribe or adhere to a Code of Professional Standards?
Yes, I subscribe to The Code of Conduct & Professional Standards for Professional, Independent Health & Patient Advocates. Please Click Here to learn more about Health Advocate's Code - Ethics and Standards.

Our personnel boast extensive healthcare experience and impressive educational credentials. With decades working in diverse healthcare settings, we have encountered many of the challenges and problems the health consumer faces today. We are well versed in navigating the healthcare system and are connected to resources and tools available to clients. Supported by degrees and certifications in patient advocacy, case management, leadership, and medical administration assistance, we are true professionals with knowledge and passion to help every client who comes to us.

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Walking with you as you navigate the American healthcare system
Professional and very knowledgeable care team
During a recent hospitalization I was feeling overwhelmed and terrified with the diagnoses I received and the treatment my doctors were recommending. Thankfully, one of my nurses gave me the contact information for ABC FOR YOUR HEALTH. Reviews
Patti - Plymouth, MA
Genuinely compassionate and trusting to her clients
I travel quite extensively with my job and it has become much more difficult finding the time to take care of the increasing health needs and concerns for my aging parents; mom in her early 80's and dad in his mid 80's. I hired Barbara, Patient Advocate and Healthcare Liaison from ABC FOR YOUR HEALTH to step in and help take care of my parent's healthcare needs when I travel out of town. Reviews
Dave - Hingham, MA
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ABC FOR YOUR HEALTH is a privately owned and independent patient advocacy and healthcare liaison firm based in Scituate, Massachusetts. We provide clients and their families with information and guidance needed to navigate the American healthcare system. We work with clients and families as true partners in their own health, empowering the client to become a more confident healthcare consumer.

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Our experienced personnel holds accreditations in areas of patient advocacy, case management, leadership, and medical administration, in addition to decades of first-hand professional experience in the healthcare industry.

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Based out of Scituate, Massachusetts, providing services from the Greater Boston area to the South Shore communities of Massachusetts, including Hingham, Cohassett, Scituate, Marshfield, Duxbury, Hanover, Norwell, Weymouth, Plymouth, and surrounding towns.


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ABC FOR YOUR HEALTH, LLC does not provide legal, medical, or financial advice, but works to identify options and resources for their clients. Health Care Advocates on the South Shore assisting all Massachusetts